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Hi, I’m Author Matthew Botos

I’m a Cornell rocket scientist with a master’s in artificial intelligence. I directed enterprise architecture at Salesforce Professional Services and Lockheed Martin. Deep Salesforce technical knowledge earned me the title of 2012 Salesforce MVP. Over 30 businesses have trusted me to deliver complex Salesforce integrations.

10 Salesforce Survival Tips eBook

Lower Your Cost and Reduce Risk with These Must-Have Tips

Learn 10 Salesforce survival tips in my 24-page eBook. These hard-won lessons from my 7 years of real-world Salesforce experience include:

  • Low Cost, High Deliverability Lead Generation
  • 3 Approaches to Cut Salesforce Integration Costs
  • Requirements, Risks, and Budget of Salesforce Projects
  • 1% of Users Are 75% of Salesforce Security Risk

Plus Interviews with Industry Experts

You’ll also get my interviews with leading industry experts:

  • Adam Dunhill on Lead Generation
  • Marisa Lopez on Salesforce Estimates
  • Nate Hughes on Agile Project Management
  • Ari Gold on Salesforce in Hollywood

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10 Salesforce Survival Tips eBook Promo

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