3 Cost-Cutting Salesforce Integration Patterns

Increase your sales with these 3 cost-cutting Salesforce integration patterns. Compare sales benefits, costs, ROI, and payback period.

Increase Your Sales with Salesforce Integration Patterns

Let’s say your business sells $1 million in annual orders through an external ERP system. You manually imported a set of orders into Salesforce.com and your team sold another 10% to those same customers. By fully integrating these systems, your annual sales would increase by $100,000.

You already pay for Salesforce.com and your Software as a Service (SaaS) order system. Both offer web services with a REST API. Let’s look at 3 different ways you can realize that annual gain of $100,000:

Direct Custom Code

Your first option is to use the Salesforce platform to call the order API. This is a direct point-to-point integration with custom Apex code. You’ll pay a developer to create the initial code with an interface to manage options and field mappings. Custom code also requires ongoing maintenance of 10%. You already pay for both underlying SaaS services, so those are your only recurring costs.

Initial Cost: $25,000

Annual Cost: $2,500

Annual ROI: 364%

Payback Period: 3.3 months

Integration Middleware

Your second option is to use integration middleware like Informatica or Dell Boomi. These SaaS products handle common integration operations and have pre-built connectors to Salesforce.com and other APIs. You save money on custom development and maintenance. Instead you configure the initial integration and pay for the service as a recurring cost.

Initial Cost: $10,000

Annual Cost: $12,000

Annual ROI: 455%

Payback Period: 2.7 months

Managed Services

Your third option is to outsource integration to Alvorden’s Managed Services. Just like when you buy Salesforce, you get a result without the headache of any technical details. I setup your integration, then monitor and maintain it. Your data is integrated and you can focus on growing your sales.

Initial Cost: $8,000

Annual Cost: $6,000

Annual ROI: 714%

Payback Period: 1.7 months

Compare All 3 Salesforce Integration Pattern Costs

Here’s a summary of the above numbers and subjective factors:

3 Salesforce Integration Patterns Comparison Table

For this example, Alvorden’s Managed Services give you the highest and fastest return with the least financial and technical investment. You earn another $100,000 in annual revenue and stay focused on sales growth.

Of course, there’s no one answer, so I start all integration projects with a standardized roadmap. This roadmap calculates your specific benefits and budget just like above. Contact me today to start your integration roadmap.

How will you increase sales with these 3 Salesforce integration patterns?

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