HBO’s Silicon Valley Runs Salesforce

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” runs Salesforce as Pied Piper’s startup hackers compete with EndGame’s aggressive sales team. You can even see their Salesforce CRM dashboard in the background: How could a Silicon Valley startup win with the Salesforce platform and apps? Sales Cloud Start with the core CRM that made Salesforce a Silicon Valley startup success. EndFrame can track all leads and activities…

Big Data Standards for Healthcare - Photo by NEC Corporation of America with Creative Commons license.

Big Data Standards for Healthcare

Healthcare and big data dominate technology news and startup ideas. In a highly regulated but rapidly changing market, where will we find productive change and technical standards? John Zaleski, Ph.D., CPHIMS is the Chief Informatics Officer at Nuvon and author of several books on medical device data for bedside decision making. We discussed how healthcare…