Entourage's Favorite Salesforce Apps

Vince is doing the new Dreamforce movie! Entourage star Adrian Grenier will talk social entrepreneurship at Dreamforce, but what about his entourage? Here are the favorite Salesforce apps of Turtle, E, Ari, Vince, and Drama:


Turtle’s a serial entrepreneur – music, limos, tequila. He’s also the most disorganized member of the entourage. He forgets about employee expenses, sells shares at the wrong time, and asks the same investors for more money. Turtle needs Financial Force to keep his mind on his money!


E went from a 1-man shop to a larger business, but still manages to remember everyone he meets and every script he reads. How does he manage such Total Recall? Kona DataSearch let’s E find anything in his universe of deals, contacts, and scripts.


Ari’s a man with no patience for his assistants, clients, or CRM reports. He tracks every detail of his company’s performance with Salesforce Wave Analytics. He can instantly slice and dice his data from his phone, providing just-in-time ammunition for his next tirade.


Now that Vince is a social entrepreneur on The Venture, he cares about financial performance and social impact. With Mattermark’s Salesforce integration, he knows who the hot stars are. And using B-Labs Salesforce-based assessment, he can measure their social impact as well. That’s a combination sure to catch the eye of fellow keynote speaker Jessica Alba


Famously frugal Drama wouldn’t spend a dime, but he always name drops the right guest appearances at auditions. He scores them using the free Salesforce Labs Lead Scoring app, and runs it in a free Developer Edition org!

Which Apps Make You a Star?

Those apps make the characters of Entourage successful with Salesforce. Which apps make you a star?

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