Get More Leads from Marketing to CRM Integration

Your marketing leads are scattered in many places. Get more leads from Salesforce marketing integration.

How do you track the following marketing leads to sales in your Salesforce CRM?

  • Email campaigns in MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Landing pages in Hubspot
  • Lead nurturing in Pardot
  • Events in Eventbrite

Integrating your marketing with Salesforce gives you actionable answers to get more leads. This Salesforce case study on Pardot integration reported an 824% increase in qualified leads in just 6 months:

824 Percent Increase in Qualified Leads

Here’s how you can attain amazing results like AchieveIt:

As marketers move forward with these new tools, it’s becoming clear that the real value lies in integrating, or combining, tools to create platforms that are even more powerful than the mere sum of their parts.

A perfect example of this is the integration between CRM and marketing automation. While both tools are extremely powerful on their own, integrating the two solutions gives you one solution that can help create more leads, drive more opportunities, and add serious revenue.

Both sales and marketing benefit from these integrations, with lead information in one interface and the ability to tie revenue to campaigns:

Benefits of Marketing Sales Integration


How will you get more leads from Salesforce marketing integration?

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