HBO’s “Silicon Valley” runs Salesforce as Pied Piper’s startup hackers compete with EndGame’s aggressive sales team. You can even see their Salesforce CRM dashboard in the background:

Salesforce CRM on HBO's Silicon Valley

How could a Silicon Valley startup win with the Salesforce platform and apps?

Sales Cloud

Start with the core CRM that made Salesforce a Silicon Valley startup success. EndFrame can track all leads and activities from their Boiler Room inside sales team. Highly mobile outside sales reps can update their deals with the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Adding Pardot’s email lead nurturing and Marketing Cloud builds the customer trust needed for big sales.


Closing the deal with a signed contract could’ve eliminated any competitors. Was EndGame waiting for customers to print, sign, and fax back a final contract? Integrating with DocuSign from the Salesforce AppExchange would close those deals faster. An automated, professional signing process lets startups win business with the big customers they crave for success.

Service Cloud

EndFrame and Pied Piper square off over technical performance and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Both Software as a Service (SaaS) providers will have to respond to customers with a great experience. That will decide who wins and keeps Silicon Valley’s precious monthly recurring revenue. Salesforce Service Cloud gives everyone a personal view of customer service SLAs. Customers connect in a self-service Community Cloud, agents respond quickly with the Service Cloud Console, and executives see real time reports and dashboards in the Analytics Cloud.

Who will win?

Who’s going to win this critical customer contract for their startup: EndFrame or Pied Piper?

I’ll share a little Silicon Valley spoiler: it’s the company who hires Alvorden as their Salesforce consulting partner!

How will your wins increase with Salesforce?

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