1. Build Supplier Relationships

You increased sales 27% building your customer relationships in Salesforce. Build supplier relationships in Salesforce to gain exception reporting on key account communication, seamless team collaboration, and supply chain performance insights. Learn why Supplier Relationships Are Also Salesforce Accounts.

2. Sell Every Product to Every CustomerCross-Sell Your Supply Chain Network in Salesforce

Your sales team is missing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. They don’t have comprehensive data in Salesforce to identify gaps and increase sales to existing customers. I merge your product catalog into Salesforce, where it links to suppliers, orders, and customers.

You get a single source of data to report your best upsell and cross-sell opportunities. You can assign them directly to reps in Salesforce and track your resulting sales growth. Salesforce supply chain integration helps you sell every product to every customer. Learn How to Upsell Your Supply Chain Products in Salesforce.

3. Know Everything About Your Products

Grass-Fed Beef Supply Chain Data Design

Your customers have many buying options in a global economy. Be their best choice when you know everything about your products and supply chain. Your product catalog needs to include:

  • Safety certifications
  • Compliance documents
  • Nutritional values
  • Proof of organic and fair trade practices

I design and integrate this custom data into Salesforce. Your sales team and self-service portal users gain productivity with all their information in one place. Sell more when you know everything about your products with Salesforce supply chain integration. Learn How to Know Everything with a Grass-Fed Beef Supply Chain Data Design.

Before Alvorden’s SmartFactory, it took us hours to write test classes in Salesforce. Now we have cut that time by more than 50%. SmartFactory is a powerful but easy to use tool for generating test data. I recommend it to anyone who would like to speed up their development cycle.

Francis Flores, Royal Caribbean Cruises
Francis Flores, Royal Caribbean Cruises