Is Salesforce Pricing Worth It? Calculate Your Salesforce ROI

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Alvorden releases free Salesforce ROI Calculator estimating $1.8 billion in customer gains from survey

2016 Salesforce implementations will create a 27% sales increase for customers totaling $1.8 billion. Customers can calculate their personalized return on investment with Alvorden’s new Salesforce ROI Calculator. This free worksheet translates key business metrics into financial gains.

The calculator includes industry survey results from over 5,000 Salesforce implementations. Customers averaged a 27% sales increase after Salesforce and reduced IT costs 41%.

It also calculates indirect productivity benefits. Employees spend an average of 13 hours a week on email and 31 hours a month in meetings. Salesforce increased productivity with a 26% reduction in emails and 25% reduction in meetings.

Using key business metrics as inputs, Alvorden’s Salesforce ROI Calculator estimates customer’s personalized gains.

“An accurate ROI calculation is key to a successful Salesforce implementation,” said Matthew Botos, CTO of Alvorden. Matthew Botos is 1 of only 90 worldwide Salesforce MVPs, elected for his deep Salesforce technical expertise.

The Salesforce ROI Calculator is available at:

About Alvorden

Alvorden is a Salesforce software consulting firm focused on businesses of 50-200 employees who need deep Salesforce technical expertise. Alvorden CTO and Salesforce Technical Architect Matthew Botos has been brought into over 30 complex Salesforce integration projects in the past 5 years. He begins complex integrations with a small, low-risk roadmap, then personally delivers a correct and cost-efficient solution onshore.

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