Single Sign On for SaaS Apps and Salesforce Community

Lower Customer Service Costs with Salesforce Community Single Sign On

Lower customer service costs when you share knowledge in Salesforce Community. You’ll also increase adoption and self-service. I’ll roadmap 3 options for seamless Single Sign On (SSO) from your SaaS application to Salesforce Community. Sync Password Databases Your SaaS application already has a single database of users and passwords, so it’d be easy to sync that with Salesforce. But that would…

Entourage's Favorite Salesforce Apps

HBO Entourage’s Favorite Salesforce Apps

Vince is doing the new Dreamforce movie! Entourage star Adrian Grenier will talk social entrepreneurship at Dreamforce, but what about his entourage? Here are the favorite Salesforce apps of Turtle, E, Ari, Vince, and Drama: Turtle Turtle’s a serial entrepreneur – music, limos, tequila. He’s also the most disorganized member of the entourage. He forgets about employee expenses, sells…

A 5x Better Cloud Database

A 5x Better Cloud Database?

Amazon Aurora launched as a cloud database promising 5x the price-performance. How does it really compare? Cloud databases occupy two extremes. Run a traditional database like MySQL in the cloud, and manage scaling complexity on your own. Or leverage database services like, which manages complexity for you within proprietary limits. I’ll compare migrating from…

Salesforce Resource Guide Preview

15 Salesforce Best Practices

You’ll find many articles and interviews on Alvorden’s blog, but where should you start? Our new Salesforce Resource Guide organizes 15 Salesforce best practices for you. Plan your project with our Roadmap, increase your sales with our Integration, and train your team with our Coaching. Want even more? Multiply your results with combined best practices. Request…