Less Time in Salesforce

More Time Enjoying Colorado!

Meet Your Local Salesforce Lion Tamers

What You Need in Colorado

Colorado Salesforce ConsultingYou need Salesforce to be efficient and powerful, but your team aren’t Salesforce experts. Our local lion tamers provide Salesforce consulting services tailored to your needs and budget:

  • Pounce on productivity with custom wizards
  • Herd scattered data into one place with integrations
  • Wrangle intelligence from wild data with reporting

What We Do in Denver

From Denver, we roam the Front Range from Boulder to Colorado Springs. We’ve delivered over 30 complex Salesforce integration projects in the last 7 years and solved challenges like these:
Merged $120 billion in sales data to upsell across 4 Salesforce and AS/400 systems
Reduced IT costs by merging products, catalog images, and nutritional databases for a $2 billion food brand
Synced global compliance data between 20,000 retailers and suppliers

Colorado Runs Salesforce

Denver 311
Colorado PEAK
Colorado Health First

What Our Clients Say

Working with a local Colorado Salesforce consultant gives you the best communication and results; here’s what our clients say:

Matthew was instrumental in the design and configuration of Salesforce for our company, as well as our overall adoption of the tool. He was insightful, creative and very patient as we collaborated to customize the CRM. His hands-on approach allowed me to better understand the functionality and capabilities associated with Salesforce, and led me to feel self-sufficient in utilizing the tool after his departure from the project.

Devon Renzi
Devon Renzi