How I Get More Sales Without More Leads

How I Get More Sales Without More Leads

I hate lead generation and cold calls, so I’ve developed a system to get more sales without more leads. You can use it to increase your sales without increasing your budget, and automate it all in Salesforce.

More Sales Without More Leads

Finding the right leads is hard, and qualifying them is expensive. Instead of starting from the beginning with new leads, followup with the old ones you already have. This recycling is straight out of Salesforce’s own $100 million playbook in Aaron Ross’s Predictable Revenue.

Some companies are really persistent; they’ll fill your email for weeks with obnoxious reminders. I find a lighter touch works better.

There’s both psychological and practical reasons for this. Psychologically, your buyers are already saturated with blatant automated emails begging for money. Practically, they’re waiting for the slow machinery of project approval, budget allocation, or their desire to become an urgent pain point.

The solution is to offer a slower series of emails with genuinely informative content that guide them back to your products and services.

Enough sales psychology, let’s actually automate this in Salesforce! There are two places to rekindle buyers: Leads closed without converting and Opportunities closed as lost.

Followup Emails to Salesforce Leads

Following up with Salesforce Leads is easy; you don’t even have to write any code. I use a workflow to send a time-based email alert, offering a free copy of my Salesforce Survival Tips eBook:

How I Get More Sales Without More Leads 1The workflow filters to closed Leads that didn’t convert. I also filter out Purchased lists and leads already on my MailChimp email list. These people already downloaded the eBook or got an email about it, so I’ll send them a more relevant email.

The beauty of having all this data in our Salesforce CRM is that we can be less obnoxious and more personalized. At the end of the day, that’ll convert to better customer rapport and more sales.

Reopen Closed Lost Opportunities with an Email

Unfortunately, the same process won’t work for Opportunities we closed as lost. If you setup a similar workflow when an Opportunity is lost, you’ll find there aren’t any emails on the Opportunity to choose! That’s because when we convert a Lead to an Opportunity, the Salesforce data model becomes much more complex:

How I Get More Sales Without More Leads 2The buyer email we want is now on the Contact. In a world of account-based selling, we also need to email multiple Contacts to support each sale. Your friendly Salesforce admin or non-technical consultant has probably raved about Lightning Process Builder. It lets you reach the first layer of ContactRole, but not the Contact with the actual email.

This is where having a technical Salesforce consultant with Apex coding skills becomes valuable. I write a trigger on the Opportunity to get the ContactRoles and Contacts, then update those Contacts. We could also send the email in code, but using a workflow let’s you change it without paying a developer every time.

How expensive is custom development? Even for something simple like this, you have to follow Salesforce’s mandatory best practices:

  1. Setup a developer sandbox
  2. Write a custom code trigger
  3. Write the custom code logic
  4. Write tests that cover 75% of the trigger and code
  5. Make sure it works for bulk updates and uploads
  6. Create a change set and deploy it to production

When all that is done, we have a new Contact field, Opportunity Lost Date. We use that to setup an email workflow like we did for Leads:

How I Get More Sales Without More Leads 3More Sales Without More Leads

To recap, we just built two Salesforce automations which create more sales by following up with existing leads. And we did it in a  thoughtful, personalized way that won’t alienate customers buying at their own pace. My Salesforce solution used a combination of clickable workflows, email alerts, and custom code – the full suite of tools I offer clients as a technical Salesforce consultant.

In my next article, I’ll show you how to track the responses and ROI of these emails. Get it first when you sign up for my email list.

How will you get more sales without more leads? If you need help implementing solutions like this, you can work directly with me.

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