How to Hire the Jason Bourne of Salesforce Consulting

Everyone wants to hire the Jason Bourne of Salesforce consulting: a bad-ass who gets things done.

The New York Times remarked Jason Bourne is “essentially a movie about human resources challenges in a large bureaucracy”, which is very much the challenge of finding Salesforce talent today.

Here’s a few places you might look for such a Salesforce assassin:

Developer Marketplace

A colorful cast of international hit men offer to do your dirty work for just $0.33 per bullet. And to make sure they’re not slacking, you get a video of every minute of action. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite understand your instructions, so you get 20 hours of bullets spraying everywhere and an invoice for 50,000 rounds.

Big Consulting Firm


Dump TruckA big consulting firm takes on your project. Or maybe it’s their recently acquired Salesforce subsidiary – their org chart is impenetrable. Your project is staffed with the entire Treadstone organization; somehow you’re also paying the full freight of several deputy directors you’ve never seen. At the end of the month, your invoice is delivered in a dump truck.

Third-Party Recruiter

How to Hire the Jason Bourne of Salesforce ConsultingYour third-party recruiter thinks he’s actually Jason Bourne. Your search is “confidential” and every anonymous candidate is “confidential”. It’s so confusing you actually end up hiring Austin Powers. Looking at your bill, you realize you also could’ve hired Mini Me with the recruiter’s commission:


Where’s the real Jason Bourne of Salesforce Consulting?

Meanwhile, the real Jason Bourne of Salesforce consulting only works directly with clients. Like the A-Team, if you can find him, maybe you can hire him. I hear he’s honing his fighting skills by writing satire…


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