AI and Artificial Intelligence are the latest tech buzzwords, but Alvorden’s Salesforce clients are actually increasing sales with Actionable Intelligence. Learn how exposing the right data at the right time with custom Salesforce1 mobile reporting gives both your sales reps and customers this actionable intelligence:

The Challenge of Quick, Data-Driven Sales Calls

Our client operates multiple speciality pharmacies, so their customers are the busy doctors who write prescriptions and manage growing teams of physician assistants and nurse practitioners. In monthly sales calls, reps need to review and discuss team prescription trends and breakdowns to discover the organic patient needs that will drive sales growth.

Limitations of Salesforce Report Charts

Before engaging Alvorden, the client had already built Salesforce report charts embedded in the lead doctor’s Contact page on their iPads:

New Salesforce AI for Mobile Reporting - ChartWhile this was a great use of Salesforce’s native click-to-configure functionality, it had several limitations:

  1. Filtering options don’t allow a true roll-up of team prescriptions in a single chart
  2. No mobile drill down to a table of prescriptions by team member
  3. Charts are time-consuming to understand, especially when your customer only has a few minutes

Actionable Intelligence with Custom Reporting API Tables

We provided true actionable intelligence with custom report tables filtered to the relevant prescription counts. These leverage existing data structures and reports with the Salesforce Reporting API. This scary syntax exposes the full flexibility of Salesforce Reports, which was easily reigned in by Alvorden’s experienced Salesforce lion tamers. We also added advanced functionality not available in standard reporting and calculated the average trend for that particular pharmacy line of business:

New Salesforce AI for Mobile Reporting - Sales CallWhile we initially thought this would replace the charts on the Contact page, further discussion with the sales team revealed this was really part of a new task-based workflow. The sales manager assigns Salesforce Tasks for sales calls to reps, and reps complete those tasks while sharing a single screen with customers. By embedding the actionable intelligence of custom reports in the iPad Task view itself, we streamlined the sales process and made the most efficient use of limited customer time.

“Today” is Simply Your Sales Call Tasks

With a sales team all running on iPads, we quickly adopted Apple’s mandate of making powerful functionality simple. For the sales reps, this meant focusing on their core business rhythm of engaging customers on sales calls. We replaced the busy default Salesforce1 Today landing page with a simple, filtered list of Sales Call Tasks:

New Salesforce AI for Mobile Reporting - Sales Call ListAs reps completed each one, their activity and results are logged in Salesforce, and they immediately return to the list of next calls. No wasted clicks, no wasted time, pure sales productivity.

How to Get Actionable Intelligence with Salesforce Mobile Reporting

To summarize, our client faced a challenge of presenting complex data to customers with very limited time. When standard clickable Salesforce Reports hit their limits, Alvorden developed custom mobile report tables leveraging existing data and reports using the Salesforce Reporting API. We embedded this actionable intelligence directly in the sales call iPad Task itself, empowering reps to engage customers with the precise data necessary to increase sales.

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