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Salesforce can be an incredibly powerful tool if you know how to use it effectively. Learn to explore its features and discover how to build your optimal system to maximize returns. The best way to start is to learn about what’s possible. We’re here to help with our eBook.

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10 Salesforce Survival Tips

Inside, you’ll gain access to useful tips and information that will show you the potential you’re sitting on. They’ll help you take advantage of the most powerful CRM platform around and take your business to the next level.


What's Inside: 10 tips to make the most of your Salesforce investment

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    Generating Qualified Leads
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    Backing Up Critical Data
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    Testing Custom Code
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    Budgeting For Customization
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    Cutting Integration Costs
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    Delivering Agile Consulting
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    Reducing Customer Service Costs
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    Leveraging Sales Partners
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    Finding the Best Apps
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    Eliminating Security Risks

Did You Know?

  • Salesforce can connect you to 100,000 sales partners with no added cost
  • 75% of your security risk comes from just 1% of users
This is just scratching the surface!

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Spend less time in Salesforce and more time living your life. Operational efficiency is our passion, and we want to help you create that so you can thrive. You work with smart people, and this eBook positions them for success. Simply learning about the possibilities is the first step to running a well-oiled machine.

We’ll get you started on your path and answer any questions you may have along the way.

What Our Clients Think

Matthew at Alvorden was instrumental in the design and configuration of Salesforce for our company, as well as our overall adoption of the tool. He was insightful, creative, and very patient as we collaborated to customize the CRM. His hands-on approach allowed me to better understand the functionality and capabilities associated with Salesforce, and led me to feel self-sufficient in utilizing the tool after his departure from the project.

– Devon Renzi, Continuum Health Alliance

About the Author

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Matthew Botos is a Cornell rocket scientist with a master’s in artificial intelligence. His deep Salesforce technical knowledge has earned multiple Salesforce certifications, Dreamforce presentations, and a 2012 Salesforce MVP. He previously directed enterprise architecture at Salesforce Professional Services and Lockheed Martin.

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