Is Salesforce Pricing Worth It? Calculate Your Salesforce ROI

Is Salesforce pricing worth it?

Is Salesforce worth your money? Clients ask me this every day, especially when they’re considering writing another check for my Salesforce consulting services.

Only you can answer that, but I’ll give you the tools to calculate your true Salesforce ROI.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

Industry surveys reveal using Salesforce can increase your sales an average of 27%. Customers also reported these additional benefits:

  • 43% IT cost reduction
  • 26% reduction in emails
  • 25% reduction in meetings

Employees spend 13 hours a week on email and 31 hours a month in meetings. Reducing that overhead boosts your sales productivity:

Calculate Your Salesforce ROI Benefits


Want to figure out if Salesforce is worth your time and budget? Calculate your own sales increase and ROI with this worksheet:

Does Salesforce have lower cloud costs?

Salesforce can lower your cost with secure cloud software. Instead of buying depreciating hardware for every upgrade, you have predictable operating expenses:

Calculate Your Salesforce ROI Costs

Standard software and apps need to be customized to your unique business. Salesforce salaries range from $93,000 to $211,000. As a consultant, I design and implement your comprehensive Salesforce solution without the time and expense of building your own team. I recommend a consulting budget equal to your annual budget for Salesforce licenses.

You also have the independence to maintain your system with your own Salesforce Administrator. You should hire 1 Salesforce Administrator for every 100 employees. 

Training your sales team delivers all the benefits calculated above. An ongoing program ramps new employees and reinforces best practices. I recommend and annual training budget of 8 hours per person.

Does Salesforce have a good Return on Investment?

This sample project has a 617% annual return on investment! It’s a financially sound investment, but your numbers will be different. If you’re not breaking even, consider adding more surveyed benefits to your calculation.

This project has a payback period of just 59 daysIDC research found an average Salesforce payback period of 13 months. Over 4 years, they found a 300-500% return on investment. For companies with 50-200 employees, I regularly calculate a payback period of less than 100 days.

Calculate Your Salesforce Pricing and ROI

Find out if Salesforce pricing is worth it for you; download my worksheet to enter your own numbers:

Is Salesforce worth it for you?

Need help pricing and evaluating Salesforce? I can work directly with you to create an Alvorden Salesforce Roadmap.

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