Is Salesforce pricing worth it?

Is Salesforce worth your money? Clients ask me this every day, especially when they’re considering writing another check for my Salesforce consulting services.

Only you can answer that , but I’ll give you the tools to calculate your true Salesforce ROI.

Salseforce can provide benefits like these:

  • 27% sales increase
  • 43% IT cost reduction
  • 26% reduction in email and meeting overhead

But you’ll need to weigh that against the costs:

  • Licenses and apps
  • Setup and training
  • Customization and consulting

I’ve gathered up all the necessary industry surveys and standard costs for you. Just tailor them for your company, and find out if spending more money on Salesforce is worth it for you.

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Is Salesforce Pricing Worth It? Calculate Your Salesforce ROI

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